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Foreign Language at the Elementary School (FLES)

Pendleton's Foreign Language at the Elementary School (FLES) program provides all scholars in grades TK - 5 an opportunity to begin their second language experience. Our program focuses on conversational language, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Our scholars have a unique opportunity to learn about the many benefits of learning a second language. 


General Education FLES classes meet one day per week for 45 minutes each session. Special Day FLES classes meet one day per week for 15 minutes each session. 


Learning a second language is a fantastic way for scholars to expand their knowledge and appreciation for different cultures and societies. Scholars who learn a second language often have better written and oral communication skills in their native language. 


One important component of our curriculum is learning about other cultures and appreciating the richness of diversity. Learning a second language can help our scholars to meet and communicate with a variety of people both locally and globally. 


At the conclusion of our scholar's time at Pendleton, they will receive the Biliteracy Program Participation Recognition, honoring their second language skills.