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School Overview

Mabel L. Pendleton Elementary School is located in the eastern region of Buena Park and serves

students in grades preschool through six following a traditional calendar. At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, 477 students were enrolled, including 10% in special education, 54% qualifying for English Language Learner support, and 86% qualifying for free or reduced price lunch.


According the California Dashboard's Status and Change Report, the school has maintained its position in English Language Arts, with a plus status change of 6.5%. In the area of Math, the Status and Change Report indicates that the school has increased it ranking with a 5.8% improvement.

Pendleton school is 1:1 iPad:Student. That means that ALL students have access to iPads in the classroom. Students in grades 4th-6th are able to take their iPads home each night to let the learning continue!