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School Overview

Mabel L. Pendleton Elementary School is located in the eastern region of Buena Park and serves students in grades preschool through five following a traditional calendar. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, 442 students were enrolled, including 13% in special education, 38% qualifying for English Learner support, and 78% qualifying for free or reduced price lunch. According the California Dashboard's Status and Change Report, the school has increased its position in English Language Arts by 11.3 points. In the area of Math, the Status and Change Report indicates that the school has increased its position by 26.3 points.

Pendleton school is 1:1 iPad:Student. That means that ALL students have access to iPads in the classroom. Students in grades 4th and 5th are able to take their iPads home each night to let the learning continue!