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Why is mental health important?

• Youth learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.

• Youth who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior.

• We know that stress can affect focus and learning, but its impact can be reduced with proven self-regulation strategies.

• Schools, parents, and communities that communicate and collaborate provide the most effective support to children.

• Attitudes formed early on shape future attitudes towards learning, self, and society.


The mental health team strives to provide each student with a safe, caring, and nurturing environment that fosters their unique talents and strengths, and helps them acquire the necessary attitudes, knowledge, and skills to be successful in their education and become well-rounded individuals. 

To achieve this mental health services include: 

• Individual Counseling

• Small Group Counseling 

• Classroom Guidance Lessons

• Crisis Intervention

• Consulting with parents and teachers

• Coordination with outside agencies & therapists 

• Referrals for community services 

• School wide events


Areas to Support:

• Anxiety

• Self-Control

• Growth Mindset

• Stress Management

• Social Skills

• Conflict Resolution

• Emotional Regulation

• College & Career Readiness

Pendleton's Mental Health Team - Mrs. Tarne, School Psychologist & Ms. Reynosa, School Counselor

Pendleton's Mental Health Team
First page of the PDF file: 50CopingToolsforKids